Video Cordelia & Sam

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Title: Want me 2
Pairing: Cordelia/Sam
Song: want me 2 by Sarah McLachlan
Category: Angst, Romance, AU, Fluffy
Summary:  Sam and Cordelia love eatch other, but Sam always stay distance and act like he was affraid to get with her, but she let him know that she love him and he love her back... (kinda fluffy I know) COMMENT PLEASE !!
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Cordy & Sam Vid.

Here A vid  and a banner for the vid about Cordelia & Sam. Comment PLEASE !!

Click Here      {First Time}
 Sorry had to move the vid, from youtube, for copyright deal on the song. but you can watch it by the like on Imeem.

Title: First Time
Pairing: Cordelia/Sam
Song:First Time -Lifehouse.
Category: , Love, First time, Angst, AU.
Summary:  Sam and Cordy meat, they fall in love. everything is perfect... Bla.. bla... until sam get a Dream/Vision of The YED, who was killing Cordelia, he then leave to protect her.

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